Pricey mezcal steals hipster crown


There are those who cringe at the mention of tequila, their memories of poor choices and nasty hangovers still too raw. But more people than ever are forming fresh, enjoyable memories of it: in the past decade, tequila has reigned as one of the fastest-growing categories in the spirits world. Luxury brands have helped change the conversation surrounding Mexico’s iconic export. No longer is it seen just as party fuel; instead, it is becoming associated with sophistication and cultural savvy. Continue reading

The Culture of Drinking Spirits

Spirits are taking over

Not the scary ones in your basement, but the good ones that we lock up in hutches and curio cabinets. The art of drinking has been around since the beginning of time. Many a young man has envisioned himself, martini in hand, top hat and suit, with a lifestyle to boot. We often associate certain spirits and cocktails with such esteemed societal ranks such as wealth, class and resources.

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Blue Agave Spirits – Beyond Tequila

Blue Agave

The Difference Between Tequila and Blue Agave Spirits

Did you know….there are six different blue agave spirits produced in Mexico? Tequila, Mezcal, Sotol, Raicilla, Bacanora, and Comiteca. The only two that exported in great numbers to the U.S. are Tequila and Mezcal; the others remain mostly a local treat. At least so far… Tequila is just one of many agave spirits that is native to Mexico. Few people think to ask how a single drink, from a single region, made from a local plant came to represent the thought of an entire country… that is, until they start discovering Mexico’s other spirits.

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