Pricey mezcal steals hipster crown


There are those who cringe at the mention of tequila, their memories of poor choices and nasty hangovers still too raw. But more people than ever are forming fresh, enjoyable memories of it: in the past decade, tequila has reigned as one of the fastest-growing categories in the spirits world. Luxury brands have helped change the conversation surrounding Mexico’s iconic export. No longer is it seen just as party fuel; instead, it is becoming associated with sophistication and cultural savvy. (more…)

Tequila Takes a Shot at the Premium Market

Regulations in Mexico for Artisan Blue Agave Spirits Producers

A heady caramel smell, syrupy and fragrant, pervades the air. What look like giant white pine cones, some twice the size of a human head, are deftly split, quartered and packed into ovens. What’s cooking? One of the world’s most popular drinks.


Opposition to NOM 199 for Agave Distillates


Add your voice to the opposition of NOM 199 by researchers, academics and traditional producers of agave spirits in Mexico!

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When we at TIP hear of proposed Mexican legislation regarding agave spirits, naturally our collective ears perk up. If such legislation threatens to harm entire categories of traditional agave distilling, we deem it critical to spread the word to our peers in the beverage industry. Some of you will remember the events of 2012. Once again, it falls to all of us to give voice to the custodians of traditional agave distilled spirits.

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How Spirits from Sinaloa Mexico ended up in Minnesota

Sinaloa Mexico Blue Agave Spirits

Reven Stephens spent the Saturday before the Super Bowl at a Minneapolis liquor store, offering shoppers samples of a liquor they were unfamiliar with — from a distiller they’d never heard of.


Proposed Regulations in Mexico Threaten Artisanal Blue Agave Spirits.

regulations in Mexico threaten artisanal mezcal production

New Proposed Regulations In Mexico Threaten Small Producers Of Artisanal Agave Spirits.

Much like how the farm-to-table movement in restaurants has placed the source of the food on your plate front and center, the Mexican agave artisanal spirits movement is highlighting each element that goes into a glass, from the cultivation of the plant and the methods for harvesting and cooking the piña to the distillation process and ultimate bottling. Long gone are the days of tequila or mezcal with its worms, relegated to shots and frozen margaritas.


Global Tequila Sales to Exceed 9 Billion Dollars.

Global Tequila Sales to exceed USD 9 billion

Global Tequila Sales

According to the latest market research study released by Technavio, the global tequila market is expected to exceed USD 9 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of over 3% during the forecast period.


The Top Health Benefits of the Blue Agave Plant

Blue Weber Agave Plant health Benefits

The Blue Agave Plant and its Health Benefits

Its not new news that agave nectar (agave syrup) may be a better alternative to sugar. Agave nectar is a natural sweetener, much like honey, which is derived from numerous varieties of the blue agave plant – the same plant that is used in making tequila. Agave nectar is used in both food and beverages and is an ideal replacement for sugar because it offers some health benefits. Read on to find a few reasons why you might consider agave nectar in your diet.


Spirits Trends in 2016 – Are you drinking correctly?

Spirits Trends in 2016

The best cocktail and spirits trends for 2016

What are the newest spirit trends for 2016? Many seem to have an opinion. We’ve summarized the thoughts of a few key bloggers to help aid you in your cocktail crafting as you venture deeper into the new year.


The Culture of Drinking Spirits

Spirits are taking over

Not the scary ones in your basement, but the good ones that we lock up in hutches and curio cabinets. The art of drinking has been around since the beginning of time. Many a young man has envisioned himself, martini in hand, top hat and suit, with a lifestyle to boot. We often associate certain spirits and cocktails with such esteemed societal ranks such as wealth, class and resources.


Tequila Makes Me Crazy! The Different Effects that Liquor Has On Us.

The Different Effects that Liquor Has On Us.

Liquor and its effect on us.

So… does Tequila make us crazy? According to some studies out there, a nearly perfect percentage of adults (children weren’t surveyed) believe that the type of spirits they consume causes them to behave in different ways, whether it be vodka, gin, whiskey, scotch, blue agave spirits etc, with tequila having the worst reputation of all. Is this true?