Our History

The Story of the Vinata Los Osuna, the producers of Los Osuna Blue Agave Spirits, is steeped in drama and surrounded by the social and political turmoil that accompanied the commercial development of the Mescal (Tequila) industry of Sinaloa and Mexico.

Three Osuna brothers emigrated from Spain in 1864 to the Mazatlán area. By 1876, they opened a large Mescal factory for commercial production and sales in Mexico and the California market. As their business grew, additional factories and farms (Vinatas) were also established. By the WW II era they were the largest Mescal producer in the area, rivaling competitors in the neighboring state of Jalisco.

In 1933, Alfonso Tirado Osuna supported by family and local industry leaders, ran and won the Mayoral seat in Mazatlán. He became a very popular Mayor, much to the chagrin of the Governor of Sinaloa and the ruling PRI Party (Mexico’s Ruling Party). In retaliation, the Governor sent a cavalry of 320 men to confiscate and seize the Agave farms and factories and redistribute the land to local peasants. Los del Monte, a 40 man mountain rebel militia was hired by the Vinata owners and a bloody battle took place near the Los Osuna property. The Army Cavalry was defeated and lost 206 men, with only six of the militia group dying. Relative calm ensued and Mayor Alfonso Osuna remained in office for two years and then returned to manage the family’s Mescal business. Because of his immense popularity while Mayor, a movement began to have him enter and run in the upcoming state gubernatorial elections. In 1938, while at the Hotel Rosales in the capital town of Culiacán a gunman appeared and assassinated him. As it turned out, the gunman was the Chief of the State Police who testified it was a justified homicide caused by a barroom fight. The Police Chief was lightly sentenced to a minimum prison term. Most people believe it was a planned assassination by Mayor Osuna’s political opponents.

Six years later, in 1944, during a Carnival party at the Hotel Belmar in Mazatlán, the governor of Sinaloa, Rodilfo T. Loisa—the person believed to have ordered the killing of Mayor Osuna—was shot three times and killed. Many suspect the gunman was hired by Mayor Osuna’s father. As a result of what many believed to be retribution for the assassination of Governor Loisa, beginning in 1949 it was decreed that tequila from only a few selected regions, primarily in the State of Jalisco, could meet the Standards of Tequila Classifications. As a result, most of the Vinatas in Sinaloa closed, including the Vinata Los Osuna.

Fast forward to the year 2000, the fifth generation Osuna’s, Alfonso and Sergio Pelayo Osuna, decide to restore their family’s business. Alfonso Osuna met with the President of Mexico and received permission to produce and distribute their product so long as they did not represent it as Tequila.

Los Osuna Blanco, Reposado and Añejo processes are designed and maintained by the legendary master distiller and consultant, Ing. Leopoldo Solis Tinoco. Los Osuna is a true craft distillery that is small batch, single estate brand with estate grown agave and yeast. It uses 140 year old in-ground brick ovens to cook the agave and has a 5 day slow fermentation process in wood vats along with copper and wood 2nd distillation still. All heads and tails are discarded and no colorings, flavorings or thickeners are added to the Blanco, Reposado or Añejo.