The Culture of Drinking Spirits

Spirits are taking over

Not the scary ones in your basement, but the good ones that we lock up in hutches and curio cabinets. The art of drinking has been around since the beginning of time. Many a young man has envisioned himself, martini in hand, top hat and suit, with a lifestyle to boot. We often associate certain spirits and cocktails with such esteemed societal ranks such as wealth, class and resources.


The story of the world is littered with “Playboys” or “Dandys” – those gentlemanly characters that attract both men and women, in amazement of their style and grace. History produced such men as Porfirio RubirosaGianni Agnelli, and John F. Kennedy. And in modern day the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio, Paris Latsis, Prince Azim of Brunei, Matteo Marzotto or even Hugh Hefner himself. All of these men have something in common… great taste in cocktails.

We can look even further into great fictional characters such as James Bond (famous for martinis), Bruce Wayne (Batman), Jay Gatsby, Thomas Crown, Tony Stark and even Don Draper of Mad Men. These characters epitomize class, reserve, wealth and integrity. They also, all of course, immerse themselves in the art of cocktail.

James Bond. Fine Spirits cocktails

Where did the spirits culture originate?

Here are some things we know. Alcohol has played a central role in almost all human cultures since Neolithic times. All societies, without exception, make use of intoxicating substances, alcohol being by far the most common. From the earliest recorded use of alcohol, drinking has been a social activity, and both consumption and behavior have been subject to self-imposed social controls. In fact, despite all attempts at prohibition, it has never been successful except when couched in terms of sacred rules (such as highly religious cultures). Looking back, some of our most celebrated times, in fact, are those captured moments from December 5th, 1933 when prohibition lifted in the United States.

spirits and prohibition

Gentleman. Dandies.. Enjoying fine spirits at the announcement of the repeal.


Symbolic function of spirited cocktails.

In all societies, alcoholic beverages are used as powerful and versatile symbolic tools, to construct and manipulate the social world. As noted above, the nature of our social situation or attended events is typically defined by the cocktail in our hand – a social status indicator, if you will. Statements of affiliation can often be made as well as differences in gender, simply by our choice of spirits.

Drinking is, in all cultures, essentially a social activity, and most societies have specific, designated environments for communal drinking. Every where in the world, the drinking-place is a special environment, a separate social underground with its own customers and values – with the primary function of being a place to facilitate social bonding. Drinking places can encourage a “feeling” or behavior, hence its societal presumptions, such as “Tequila Makes You Crazy

Blue Agave Spirits and the Culture of drinking.

Speaking of Tequila. Where does Tequila stand in all of this Playboy and high class cocktail talk? Tequila isn’t just for shots and blacking out. It can be as fine a spirit as scotch or bourbon when enjoyed correctly. With the onset of more and more 100% Blue Agave Spirits coming to market, and a deepening pool of creative mixologists, the ability for anyone (yes anyone…) to be a Dandy and live the high life, is now at arms reach.

The Blue Agave Spirit is taking over the world one glass and one luxurious sip at a time. The name “Tequila” conjures a special magic that sells product and creates myths around the world and tequila drinkers have cropped up in Russia, the Philippines, Canada and beyond – still growing. But 100% Blue Agave Spirits have raised the standard just a notch by mixing modern technology with ancient echoes – uncompromising standards with an elusive reputation. It mixes style and process easily.

The Blue Agave plant’s popularity is also part of a modern shift from the Old to the New World. For centuries, Old World wines and spirits dominated markets, the media and bar shelves – the Playboy man indeed. Now, the new generation is here; a more sophisticated generation where young women order craft beers and straight whiskey; where the “Old Fashioned” is the new fashion. The new world embraces the Blue Agave and it shall not be locked up in your hutch or curio cabinet. It stands without shame, front and center, with boutique olive oils and german knives.

So are you a Dandy? Do you subscribe to the 3 classics – the Manhattan, the Martini & the Old Fashioned. Well strap on your Hugo Boss and Omega watches and try them with 100% Blue Agave Spirits.

The culture of drinking spirits. Ahh yes.